Baltimore Sun features Normandy Wood’s benefit show

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On Friday, Dec. 30, at 9:30 p.m., Normandy Wood, a modern rock band founded by Army veteran and 15-year active National Guard member Michael Marx-Gibbons, will perform a concert at 8X10 in the Federal Hill section of Baltimore. The band will donate all its proceeds from the performance to Fisher House, a charity dedicated to supporting military veterans.

“The [band’s] goal is to give back to the community using the proceeds from the concerts to support local charities,” said Marx-Gibbons, a Centennial High School graduate who plays multiple instruments including the drums and violin.

The band was created after musician and lyricist Marx-Gibbons returned home from Hollywood, California, where he was a signed touring artist with the band “The Secret State” under the Stealth Tiger Entertainment label.
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